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Supreme Squeeze Premium Hand Grippers are perfect for Athletes, Musicians, Sports Enthusiasts, and everyone in between. They are designed to last and provide a massive 66 pounds of Resistance!

Each set comes complete with 2 Grippers and Bonus Materials


Many people underestimate how much a strong grip can aid in your everyday life. By using the Supreme Squeeze Hand Grippers and applying the FREE bonus material you receive you can drastically improve your strength and fast track your results!

There are plenty of other benefits to using hand grippers than the obvious increase in grip strength. It has been proven that regular use of Hand Grippers can:

–          Relieve Stress

–          Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Tennis Elbow Prevention and Pain Relief

–          Rehabilitate Hand, Wrist, and Forearm Injuries and Help Regain Strength


What you receive:

  1. TWO Quality Hand Grippers

  2. Bonus Materials explaining 3 Ways to use your Grippers to target different muscles, 5 Alternative ways to Increase Grip Strength, and 2 Sample workouts (Beginner and Intermediate)



 “I love these. This is the first pair of grip strengtheners that don’t hurt my hands to use. The grips are a soft but durable foam, which saves my hands from excessive pain. That means I am able to use these more. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to squeeze these, I thought for sure I’d be giving them to my husband but much to my surprise I could squeeze them. It was easier than I thought. My husband tried them out as well and he loves them.”

        –P. Christian

“These Hand grip strengtheners are awesome!
These Hand grips have resistance of 66lbs supported by a High Quality Carbon Steel.
I like to use them while watching TV, My husband has carpal Tunnel so he loves these Hand grips while messing around on the computer.”

     — Frrobin

“After using for just a couple of days, I noticed improved grip strength! No more just streaming TV, now I “exercise” too.
For variety, hold your arms out, palms up, palms down, palms facing behind you, palms facing forward, hold your arms out in front of you with the different positions and your arms overhead with the different positions. Then bend your elbows for the different positions. This variety will help with more arm, shoulder and back strengthening.
Also, do burn outs – as many as you can, as fast as you can in any of the different positions. Then squeeze and hold for as long as you can, remember to breathe :).
I am not a fitness expert, this is just what works for me.
Now, buy a set and improve you grip strength, you need this when you are old like me.
I am very happy!”


“These are hard strong enough to challenge a big strong man, but my wife could handle it as well. They are very good quality. The foam is not a cheap foam. These will last. They are like the old fashion plastic ones, just more comfortable to use. I was given a discount for my honest review. I love hand grippers and have been using them for over 30 years, they develop, the hand strength that you need to lift heavy weights, but also give you better control over your fingers, which helps you in all sports. Instead of messing around on your computer, you can be doing some hand exercises during your commute or tv watching. This will help you development not only strength but, prevent injuries by stretching and developing the muscles in your hands and fore arems.”


Nice sturdy hand strengtheners. They have a soft padded grip and fit the had nicely. I like that it is a set because my husband keeps one in his work truck and one at home on the end table. We use one while watching tv or driving down the road. They not only help work hand muscles but the arm muscles too. I received this product at a dis counted price in exchange for my honest review. I think these are a great deal.


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